Last bits of summer.

Posted on August 31st, 2016 by by agochneaur11

Well week 2 of school has started and September is looming in front of us. The calendar is filling up and all I can think about is slowing it all down. But yet we keep planning things to do and trips to take! I feel like I am always writing about how busy we are and how I want to slow down but it hardly ever works out that way. There are so many places that we want to see and people we want to spend time with that it makes it hard to just slow down. We need to find a balance though because if we all get worn out then there will be no places to go or people to see because we will all be too tired or too sick to do anything! So, balance, that’s my next goal.

And since I am trying to find some balance and organize things around here I was making room on my hard drive and found some pictures from this summer that I never posted. They are from the times that we were actually at home. We celebrated Father’s Day, Graham’s birthday, swam, ate a lot of watermelon and tended to the garden.

G bday-5858Dogs sleeping-5099Grayson -4992Grayson -4994Olivia in goggles-5034Goldy Fox + Veggies-5158Us w-Dad-4252Swim team 16-4907Cannonballs-2844 Cannonballs-2845

Here’s to hoping we can all find some balance in the fall, the busiest season for must of us.

Back to School.

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I cannot believe that the first week of school has already come and gone. This summer seemed to go by the quickest of any in the past. I’m not sure if it was because we were not home as much and if we were, we were on the go, or if it was because I was anxious about Grayson starting Kindergarten. I had so many mixed emotions about that. I was so excited for him because he has been talking about being a Kindergartener since he started Pre-K but that meant that my baby boy was growing up. I wasn’t sure how that morning would be. Would there be tears from me or would I be able to handle myself?

You will be happy to know that there were no tears and I think it’s because he handled himself so well. It also helped that I knew he would have the same teacher for Kinder as he did the previous year. (The kids attend a Montessori school so they are in the same class from age 3 until they complete Kinder.) Even knowing that I thought for sure there would be tears but I’m so gald we were both able to say our goodbyes with smiles. Olivia of course had no issues with starting school again. That meant she got to “go see her girlfriends” so she was perfectly happy.

first day of school-7546first day of school-7550first day of school-7531 first day of school-7533first day of school-7559first day of school-7557

They both said that the first day was the best day ever.

Until Next Time, Colorado.

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Today we leave Colorado. Our things are packed and everyone has a calm about them that hopefully carries on once we get home. Our time here has been amazing. The kids have embraced it once again but for the first time they aren’t in a hurry to get home.

Last Evening-7454

Colorado is good for us all. I get asked often why we don’t move here if we love it so much. It’s been discussed, every time we are here the thought crosses our minds, but our family and friends are in Texas. Our home is there. While we love Colorado we couldn’t pick up and move away from our village. That is why we travel so often, to the places that bring us peace, inspiration and allow us to reconnect as a family.

Trout fishing-7398 Trout fishing-7405

We do come to Colorado more than other places and I think it’s because we fall in love with it more each time we come. We leave a little piece of ourselves in this state. Once we pull away from our rental house we long to be back so we make plans to return as soon as we can. We come alone sometimes and others our family joins us.

Red Rocks-7198 Red Rocks-7196 Red Rocks-7240

We make memories that we will carry with us and recall for the rest of our lives. We want our children to remember coming here with a fondness in their hearts that drives them to bring their children here. And if not here, to find a place that they love and cherish.

Last Evening-7459Last Evening-7473

This was by far our longest trip, almost 4 weeks. We weren’t sure how the kids would do but we planned it this way so that we could make the most of our time before school started and because we needed to know that we could be away from home for an extended period of time. We have plans to start traveling more often and to different places. Colorado will always be a place we come though. It just holds too big of a place in hearts not to experience it’s beauty at least once a year.

wildflowers at sunset-6103Fishing-6489 Fishing-6482Fishing-6485 Fishing-6490

So until next time Colorado. We love you.

Evergreen sunset-7274

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Wildflowers at Sunset.

Posted on August 14th, 2016 by by agochneaur11

It’s completely quiet in this house at the moment. I’m hoping I don’t jinx it. Both kids are napping with Daddy and I have a few minutes to turn on some music, do some laundry and hopefully relax. But first I wanted to post these pictures from an evening right before sunset while we were in Fraser. The house was surrounded by these beautiful wildflowers and every evening we were treated to amazing sunsets. I bribed the kids with candy the evening before we left to take some pictures together. Gray is in the I’m too cool for pictures stage right now so I was so happy he agreed. He didn’t last as long as Miss Center of Attention but I was happy nonetheless.

wildflowers at sunset-6844wildflowers at sunset-6921 wildflowers at sunset-6920wildflowers at sunset-6869-2Wildflowers at sunset-6940 Wildflowers at sunset-6938 wildflowers at sunset-6929 wildflowers at sunset-6926wildflowers at sunset-6937wildflowers at sunset-6886wildflowers at sunset-6915wildflowers at sunset-6110 wildflowers at sunset-6109wildflowers at sunset-6859
Grayson-6879 Grayson-6878Wildflowers at sunset-7014
wildflowers at sunset-7016Wildflowers at sunset-6975 Wildflowers at sunset-6979wildflowers at sunset-7022Wildflowers at sunset-7041Wildflowers at sunset-7048 wildflowers at sunset-7043

Olivia’s tee: The Bee and the Fox

Our bracelets: Goldy Fox