Colorado dreaming.

Posted on December 1st, 2016 by by agochneaur11

I’m noticing a pattern. It’s always about 3-4 weeks after we get back from Colorado that I really start missing it. The first week or so is the post Colorado blues and then I get back into our routine. A few weeks later, when I decide it’s time to finish going through all of the pictures I took, I start to miss it again. The kind of missing it where you just want to pack up and go. It doesn’t help that the pictures I’m currently going through are from Lake Dillon, an absolutely gorgeous place.


We spent a couple of hours out here and didn’t want to leave. It’s going to be a spot we visit several times when we go back in the summer.


lake-dillon-9632 g-9594 g-9586g-9614lake-dillon-g-and-kids-9660me-o-9576 me-o-9584 me-o-9574me-o-9558lake-dillon-9550lake-dillon-g-and-kids-9669lake-dillon-9672lake-dillon-9675running-free-9494

Thanksgiving 2016

Posted on November 30th, 2016 by by agochneaur11

Am I the only person that still is recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday? It went by in a whirlwind and now I am trying to put my life back together. This was our biggest gathering to date and that’s probably why I still feel like I am in a haze but it was worth it. Our friends from Florida came to visit and now that their daughter is older all of the kids were able to actually play and they made the most of it. They went to bed every night exhausted (so did the adults).

I didn’t take many pictures once things started getting busy but I got a few before the festivities started. The cousins were never together all at once because all of them were running around like wild banshees. I really need to remember to get a picture of all of them before they go crazy.

blog-presets-9842blog-presets-9817 blog-presets-9834blog-presets-9853 blog-presets-9851 blog-presets-9862blog-presets-9930 o-9958

The day after Thanksgiving everyone was dragging so we just went out to the land to visit the cows and see what kind of progress was being made on the house (slow).

catching-frogs-0158 catching-frogs-0166gray-0068 calf-nursing-0075cows-0058 cows-0052cows-0062me-sara-0188reese-alex-0098blog-presets-0219 blog-presets-0213 blog-presets-0210 blog-presets-0209
The holiday was busy but it also served as a reminder of how blessed we are to be able to be surrounded by family and friends during this season. We don’t take it for granted. Memories were made, laughter was abundant and the conversations never ended. Plans were made and there were many revelations made throughout the weekend. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. As we gear up for the Christmas holiday I am reminding myself to cherish all the moments, even the crazy ones that are sure to happen.

Back in Breck.

Posted on November 14th, 2016 by by agochneaur11

I am 95% finished packing all of our stuff up to head back home to Texas. We have been in Breckenridge for the past week and it’s been a great trip. It’s always hard to leave Colorado and none of us are really ready to get back to the hustle and bustle but we have those things called responsibilities and the kids have school so back to reality we go.

This was a last minute trip, I mean we just got back from Estes and then I was packing our stuff up again a couple of weeks later to drive here but the opportunity presented itself and we grabbed it. We have only been to Breck when it was covered in snow so this was a chance to see what it was like in the fall. There is no snow on the ground which is VERY rare for Colorado, especially Breckenridge. They had to delay opening day of ski/snowboarding season because there just wasn’t any snow. It gave us the opportunity to do some hiking and see some places that we didn’t get to last time we were here for skiing.


The house we rented has a great yard and once we started exploring it a little more we found a trail that we followed for awhile.

mtn-behind-house-8931graham-8966grahamo-8973me-o-8982 me-o-8978me-o-8995 me-o-8996

The kids are getting better every time we hike with their endurance. This was our first day out after we arrived. Olivia gets motion sickness when we drive through the passes and it usually takes her out for a day. We wanted to take it easy our first time out because all of us were still tired. We went a little further than we had planned and Olivia got tired pretty quickly but Gray hung in there until the end.

at-the-house-9032at-the-house-9045gray-9057-2gray-9004 me-o-9003

It was so convenient having a trail right there behind our house and one that was easy enough for the kids. We try to be outside doing something every day that we are in the mountains because the weather is just so amazing. You feel bad if you stay in the house! We fell into a routine quickly, Graham worked in the mornings and afternoons after hikes while the kids did some school work and I helped them or read aloud. Every trip we take we are learning new things and adjusting our routine just a little bit to suit everyone. We still have to get work and school done when we are away so finding a balance is key. I am happy that this trip we really seemed to find it. I can see how road schooling would be a challenge but also such an amazing experience for everyone.

I took a lot of pictures and as I slowly get through them all I will post more. We saw some beautiful places that I can’t wait to share. If you want a peek into our trip then follow me on IG @meandmotherhood. I did a pretty good job of posting every day.

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Estes Park.

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It had been two years since we had made a trip to Estes. We were always talking about how we needed to make another trip but we just couldn’t find the time to make it fit into the schedule. One night this summer while we were in Fraser, Graham and I started talking about our upcoming year. It looked busy and we knew the house build would start to pick up eventually. We quickly realized that if we were going to make the trip to Estes happen it would have to be a quick one. We looked at our calendar and saw that we had two weekends in October that we could squeeze in a trip. I booked our cabin and flights. There was no backing out now. Our families probably think we are crazy but seeing and experiencing places with the kids (and just us two) is something that is very important to us so we try to make it happen whenever we can.

Our trip was booked and we got back to Texas. School started and life started getting “busy” again. October rolled around and we were so excited to see Estes Park marked on our calendar. It wasn’t the ideal time for a trip but it was the perfect time for a little break. My parents were able to join us and we stayed at Pine Haven again. We love these little cabins and they bring back many memories of my childhood vacations to Estes.


We spent a lot of time at the cabins, playing in the woods, climbing the mountain, by the river throwing rocks (and jumping over rocks), and most importantly just being present.


Every morning we were greeted by turkeys. They would come right up to the deck and make their gobbling noise and wait for you to throw some seeds their way.

pine-haven-mornings-7929 turkeys-7916 turkeys-7919

We also spent some time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Usually we just drive up and stop along the way to see some wildlife and views but this time we stopped and did some exploring. October is a beautiful time of year to visit. We just missed all of the fall colors in the aspens and elk rutting season but we still explored and got the chance to see some elk.

rmnp-7997 rmnp-7996rmnp-7981rmnp-8057rmnp-8059rmnp-8046rmnp-8152rmnp-8153rmnp-8158rmnp-8165rmnp-8071rmnp-elk-8442 rmnp-elk-8430 rmnp-elk-8434


And of course we had to pull over when we saw the first glimpse of snow and take a picture.

rmnp-snow-8300 rmnp-snow-8292 rmnp-8296

rmnp-views-8369 rmnp-views-8368 rmnp-yaya-o-8344 rmnp-boys-8339 rmnp-boys-8332 rmnp-8315

Grayson still loves to climb so he took off whenever he could to find some good rocks to navigate.

rmnp-8074rmnp-gray-climbing-8388 rmnp-gray-climbing-8393

I did a lot of sitting by the river and trying not to fall in the river.


pine-haven-8224pine-haven-8230pine-haven-8232pine-haven-8239 pine-haven-8244

(so graceful)

pine-haven-8255 pine-haven-8198rmnp-8541

As with all of our trip to Colorado, it was wonderful and just what we needed. The mountains seem to do that for us, recharge us and get us ready for the upcoming schedule. We always leave and miss them right away. This time was no exception. We start talking about how and when we can get back as soon as possible. When the mountains call, we must go.